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How a hotel room's mirror reflection led to the healthy habits that Transformed this  international business developer's body!
We all know the story. An evil witch looks into the mirror and wants to know who's the most beautiful of them all. 

The mirror talks back (because you know mirrors do that!!) and tells the witch that a princess is hotter than the witch. 

The witch gets mad and goes searching for the princess…..yada yada.

That story is all all fine and dandy in fantasyland but what about reality? 

How often do we actually observe what the mirror is really telling us? 

Can we actually SEE what the mirror is displaying to us?

Think about all those countless mornings with you standing in front of a mirror. Staring at your mouth as you brush your teeth. Watching the foam create a toothpaste beard around your mouth.

If you are a guy, remember that first shaving experience? 

You smothered your whole face with shaving cream to get a outstanding Santa Claus beard. You started to rack that razor across your face without a care in the world. After two strokes you noticed several red dots dripping as you glanced in the mirror. 

Once you washed the cream off, you placed tissue paper in the areas to soak up the blood like a true rookie. Ahhhh.....memories.


How many hours have you spent doing your makeup in front of mirrors? 

How else would you see if you had the right amount of foundation on your face before your weekly night out with the girls? 

Do you remember looking at your body as you twirl around making sure the outfit you had on was fierce enough to get the attention of that special someone that night? 
Your Gateway Into Reality

Mirrors allow us to explore a world that would be lost to us without its invention. Every day we see the planet through our own eyes. 

The view from our eyes only allows us to naturally see certain parts of our body like the front part of our body along with our appendages. But that’s only about half of our body.

What about our faces and backside? 

That’s where mirrors come in handy because we can’t always rely on another’s opinion. We want to see the truth about our bodies for ourselves.

Once presented with the truth, what do we do with it? 

Despite having mirrors that actually show us our realities we still subconsciously try to ignore it!

Let's go back to that day that transformed my life. 

It was on that day that I truly saw what the mirror had been trying to tell me for years.  It was with new eyes that I finally saw myself the same way the rest of the world saw me. 

No matter how much I traveled......

No matter how busy I became.....

No matter how long it would take... 

I decided on that day that I would take action!!!

Are You Ready To Take Action?

Hi, My name is Michael V. Moore aka MicVinny.  

I help busy traveling professionals look and feel like a million bucks!

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Take action today and get started on a better you!